Hwy 18 and Hwy 15 intersection

We invite you to visit Bay Springs. Visit our businesses, our unique shops, and while you're here, enjoy lunch or dinner in one of our local restaurants. If you need information, just drop by the City Hall... the lovely ladies who work there can direct you wherever you need to go.(They are officially known as the City Clerk and Deputy Clerks)
Bay Springs is located at a heavily traveled crossroads in Southeast MS, so there is always a flow of traffic through the city.
Hwy's 18, 15, 528 & 531 intersect in and pass through the City, which is located in Jasper County. Bay Springs is home to much of the county's industry.



Bay Springs Restaurants
Bayless Restaurant
Hardees *Fajita Grill
Geezer's* Mama's Kitchen
Panda Buffet * Pizza Hut

Ward's * Subway *
Big O's Seafood

Bay Springs Lodging
Western Motel
Bay Springs RV Park
Camping & Cabins at Lake Claude Bennett

Corner City

Jasper Countylist of Service Contact
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City Board Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. If you have a matter to present or discuss, please contact City Clerk by the previous Monday to be included on docket.


Join the Bay Springs Chamber of Commerce.

Support of your local business community supports local merchants, the town, you, Jasper county, Mississippi. It is a major recycling system that breathes life and growth in our local communities!
Our community offers entrepreneurs a supportive environment in which to live out their dreams. Visit Bay Springs and see what we have to offer you!


Hon. J E Smith has held the office of mayor of the city for 24 years.  His unique and steady leadership has brought Bay Springs through many changes. Thanks to Mayor Smith for his positive contributions to the city and its people. An invitation to you from Mayor Smith...

"I personally invite you to visit our city. Our most valuable resource is our people.
We are proud of all our businesses, industrial, health care, and banks for their contribution to the growth and prosperity of Bay Springs and Jasper County!  We have a place here for you !!

    Come Get a Taste of Bay Springs!!




Sponsored by Bay Springs Chamber of Commerce
Contact: bayspringschamber@gmail.com


The building above is on Highway 18 in the City of Bay Springs. The entire building was renovated according to a earlier period style building. The brick and materials used are true to a previous style.

This doorway and storefront is the home of Geezer's restaurant and gift shop. This is one of multiple renovations that have occurred within the past few years in Bay Springs which add to the eclectic charm and beauty of the city.
Highway 18 has been resurfaced recently which also adds to the attractive surroundings, and we are happy for a more comfortable ride.


New Senior Citizen Center beside City Hall
New Senior Citizen's Center Soon to be Complete

A brand new Senior Citizens Center has been built in the City of Bay Springs. The Center is located next to the Bay Springs Police Department and City Hall. This building will provide a place for seniors to meet and enjoy meals and activities.
The building has a historic aspect that connects it to the city's past.

The brick used on some of the city streets was saved when it was taken up, and has been used to brick the new building. Two grants provided funding for the new building: Small Municipalities Grant through Mississippi Development Authority, and USDA Rural Development.



Intersection of Hwy 18 and Hwy 15

 Workforce Training Center

Construction has begun on the Jasper County Workforce Training Center in Bay Springs Industrial Park located on Hwy 15 N.
The Center is in Phase One of the building process. The project has been on hold while the Jasper County Board of supervisors and other officials applied for grants and funding for the facility.



New Street Signs in the City

As you cruise through the pretty city of Bay Springs, you may notice how things got a bit prettier lately! We have replaced many of the old street signs with stylish new decorative ones! All will be replaced gradually. Thanks to Mayor Smith and our Board for caring to add the touches that make for a more attractive town. (Photo by Thomas Boyd)

Jasper County Tuition Program

The Jasper County Board of Supervisors has approved the Jasper County Tuition Guarantee Program (JCTGP) to create a pathway for the residents in Jasper County seeking to obtain a college education. High School students (Dual Enrollment) or county residents who reside in Jasper County will have the opportunity to attend Jones County Junior College (JCJC) tuition free through the JCTGP while county supporting funds are available.
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city Park Playground is a shady peaceful place for children to play.
The city has provided shady parks with picnic areas, gazebos, lots of trees, and playground equipment to please mothers and children.

A look up the brick street... downtown Bay Springs. Full of history, with the original brick streets from many years ago, beside a brand new park complete with gazebo, full playground, restroom facilities, and splash pad to keep your kids happy!
Beautification is an everyday practice in
this city!

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